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When is Shab e-Barat 2018 | Date of Lailatul Barat

Shab e Barat is the Mid-Sha’ban in the Arabic Calendar. In 2018 Shab e-Barat will begin in the evening of Tuesday, May 1 and ends in the evening of Wednesday, May 2. Dates may vary in accordance of the moon. This night is also known as Lailatul Barat.


Many Muslims revere Shab e Barat as the night of forgiveness and pray the whole night asking Allah (SWT) to give them with His blessings. On the night in between the 14th and 15th of Sha’ban Shab e Barat is celebrated.

People stay up all night and offer voluntary prayers (Nafl), asking Allah (SWT) to forgive any sins they might’ve committed in the past.

Different countries have different ways of celebrating the day. Different countries has a different name for it. In South Asia, it is known as Shab e Barat. In Iran, it is called Nim Sha’ban. It is referred to as Nisfy Sya’ban in Malay speaking countries while in Turkey it is known as Berat Kandili.


People of Middle Eastern countries normally do not celebrate the night. In Bangladesh previously celebrated date has been given:

Weekday Date Year Name Holiday Type
Wed Jul 28 2010 Shab e-Barat Public Holiday
Sun Jul 17 2011 Shab e-Barat Public Holiday
Thu Jul 5 2012 Shab e-Barat Public Holiday
Tue Jun 25 2013 Shab e-Barat Public Holiday
Sat Jun 14 2014 Shab e-Barat Public Holiday
Tue Jun 2 2015 Shab e-Barat Public Holiday
Mon May 23 2016 Shab e-Barat Public Holiday
Thu May 11 2017 Shab e-Barat Public Holiday
Mon May 1 2018 Shab e-Barat Public Holiday


Sunni Muslims believe it to be the night when Allah (SWT) saved Prophet Nuh (AS) and his ark from the flood. On the other hand, Shia Muslims believe it to be the day when the 12th Shia Imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi, was born.

Though there are no Ahadith or verses in the Quran that clearly point out or talk about the significance of the night however many people, especially in South Asia celebrate the night, spending the time in worship of Allah (SWT).

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