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Women’s Rights in Islam over Husband

Islam gives Women’s rights properly. Husband and wife makes a couple. A husband has some responsibilities upon his wife. Wife has also some duties too. An women(Young/matured/aged) want some rights. Islam never deprived them from actual Women’s rights. Islamic laws teaches a husband how to treat with her wife and take care of her. In the Holy Quran Allah(SWT) says: “And for women are rights over men, similar to those of men over women.” (Qur’an 2:228)

Islam gives the equality of Men and Women, Husband and Wife, and Girls and Boys. Islam fixed how should a wife treat her husband and how a husband treat his wife.  Rights of husband and wife are same.

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A muslim women’s rights are:

  • The right of acquire educations.
  • Rights of earning money. (There is no restriction)
  • Rights of giving her opinion.
  • Rights to have her own independent property.
  • Rights to provisions from her husband for all her needs and more.
  • Rights of getting sexual satisfaction from her husband.
  • The rights to re-marry after becoming widow or after divorce.
  • The rights to refuse a arranged and/or proposed marriage. (Choose of her husband)
  • The rights of having a child as her own capacity to bear the expenditure.
  • The right to claim all of her daily necessaries to her husband or guardian.

The Prophet (SAW) was once asked, “O Messenger of Allah, among people who is most deserving of my good treatment?” He said, “Your mother.” The man asked twice more, “Then who?” and the same response was given. Only until the fourth time did the Prophet said, “Then your father.” In a word, Islam has designated a special stakes for women that is not granted for men.


In some Circumstances Relieved Given to a Women:

Women’s are relieved from:

  1. During pregnancy or nursing or menstruating they are exempt from fasting.
  2. Praying when bleeding after childbirth or during menstruation.
  3. The liability to attend congregational prayers on Fridays in the mosque.

Islamic laws does not wants that women’s should confine themselves to household functions. Even they can headed a province. So we have to remove any notion of superiority upon women.

Before Islam, female children were buried alive, women were considered disgraceful, prostitution was drastic, power and divorce was only in the hands of the husband, patrimony was only for the potent, and persecution was widespread. Islam came and abolished these practices. Even now, in some “developed countries”, are not granting honor, respect  and dignity, let alone equal pay for equal work to women. However, Islam, regards women as precious and valuable, not to be disregarded or disgraced.

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